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  • SLI-INTERNATIONAL Brno Language School
    • Our school is situated in the Brno city centre. Close to public transportation stops
    • Professional consulting by the Director Denise Carelse who has 20 years of experience.
    • Suitable prices.
    • Consultations, assessment tests for FREE.
    • Training tests for FREE.
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jazyková škola brno firemní kurzy

Individual and Company Courses

We also offer individual lessons and organize company courses fitted to suit your needs.

jazyková škola Brno jazykové kurzy

Public courses

SLI-INTERNATIONAL Brno offers the following languages, usually from beginner to upper-intermediate level:
jazyková škola Brno pár

International language exams

Our language school SLI-INTERNATIONAL prepares students for internationally recongized exams
jazyková škola Brno denní pomaturitní studium

Maturita Prep

With our Prep Course, Maturita Exam is no problem!

Online tests | Jazyková škola Brno

  • You can test the level of your English and French right here
  • Please do not use any books or dictionaries during the test.
  • You´re testing your contemporary level of knowledge, according to which we´re going to offer you a suitable course.
  • The highest score is not the aim of the test.
  • Fill in all the questions, even if you´re not sure.
  • The test is examing your grammar, not your vocabulary.
  • You can also arrange an interview with us.
  • After we get your result, we´re going to contact you and offer you a proper course.

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