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  • Maturita 2017

    • Příprava k maturitní zkoušce z angličtiny
    • Začínáme v říjnu!
    • S námi k maturitě bez starostí ;)
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  • Jazyková škola SLI International

    • Naše škola se nachází přímo v centru Brna, v bezprostřední blízkosti MHD.
    • Profesionální poradenství poskytované ředitelkou školy Denise Carelse s 20 letou praxí.
    • Příznivé ceny pro každého.
    • Konzultace, vstupní a rozřazovací testy ZDARMA.
    • Testy nanečisto ZDARMA.
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  • Nabídka jarních kurzů

    • Již přijímáme přihlášky na jarní kurzy
    • Začínáme v půlce února
    • Nově také:
    • Příprava na IELTS
    • Kurzy angličtiny pro seniory
    • Kurzy pro angličtiny středoškoláky
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  • Letní kurzy angličtiny

    • Pro všechny pokročilosti
    • Od července do srpna
    • Možnost absolvovat jen část kurzu
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jazyková škola brno firemní kurzy

Individuální a firemní kurzy

Nabízíme také individuální lekce a firemní výuku ušité na míru Vašim potřebám.

jazyková škola Brno jazykové kurzy

Kurzy pro veřejnost

Kurzy nabízí jazyková škola Brno SLI v následujících jazycích, většinou pro začátečníky i pokročilejší.
jazyková škola Brno pár

Mezinárodní zkoušky

Naše jazyková škola SLI-International každoročně připravuje své studenty na mezinárodně uznávané zkoušky
jazyková škola Brno denní pomaturitní studium

Příprava k maturitě

S našimi přípravnými kurzy zvládnete maturitu hravě!

Čeština pro cizince | Jazyková škola Brno

Čeština pro cizince

Kurz Dny Hodiny Termín Cena Přihláška
DpCZ2 – začátečníci St 18:30-20.00 17.2.16-1.6.16 2800CZK Přihláška


SLI International language school, located at the very heart of Europe, the beautiful city of Brno – has provided a magnificent setting for hundreds of students over the years. The capital of Moravia, Brno has 450,000 inhabitants and is only two hours drive from Prague and an hour and a half from Vienna. Brno prides itself in having many galleries and theatres classical and experimental such as the famous Husa na provázku – Goose on the Rope, jazz clubs, pubs with live music e.g. U kouřícího králíka – At the Smoking Rabbit and Two Faces. All cultural centres are in close proximity to our language school.

Czech for foreigners

Since the school was set up in 1995 we have run several highly successful total immersion package courses for foreigners from different countries in Europe and overseas. Czech for Diplomatic Services Czech for Business Czech for Bankers and Financial Advisors General Czech Czech conversation Apart from Czech Language our school offers a variety of programmes, categorized as intensive daily courses, evening courses and total immersion courses. We run Cambridge English courses, German, French, and Russian. We also have a range of options, such as the combination of different courses e.g. English and French all year round courses, one-to-one tuition, and package courses, which include both accommodation and tuition.


SLI International is located in the city centre, at the calm tř. Kpt. Jaroše street, about 10 min walk from the famous Česká Street and Janaček Theatre. If you travel by public transport, take any tram that goes to Moravské náměstí (Square). You have quite a number of possibilities since it is one of the busiest tram line intersections. Trams no. 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 11 all stop 100 m from the building. Although the language school is right in the centre of Brno all classrooms are situated in the inner part of the building away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


All classrooms are equipped with televisions, cassette recorders, VCR and DVD are also available.


Our teachers are highly-qualified experts with university degrees (e.g. philosophical faculty of the Masaryk University, PhD. degree in Czech for foreigners) and longtime experience in teaching Czech to foreigners at universities and technical colleges. They are able to communicate in English, German, French and Russian thus our students from various parts of world always feel free to ask questions. Their methodology enables quick orientation in the new language, correct use of the language and its intonation, progressive acquirement of the Czech lexis, productive use of dictionaries, etc. One of the advantages of our courses is their total flexibility and ability to meet individual needs of students. We offer courses at all levels as well as specialized courses with focus on specific themes. In comparsion to other language centres throughout the Czech Republic, Brno offers a good natural language milieu. Colloquial “Moravian” Czech is much closer to standard Czech than any Bohemian variation that can be heard in other regions of our country.


As we are not a very big school this gives us flexibility in arranging any courses at any given time and our qualified professional tutors and staff are always ready to give a helping hand. For package courses, the course is tailored to individual needs, including times and material to be covered within the stated time and all preparations for tests to be taken. Our teachers are highly experienced in teaching foreigners Czech and have taught many foreigners in high positions in the Czech Republic today. Welcome to SLI International – I am sure you will enjoy your time with us.

Denise Carelse, Director of Studies


tř. Kpt. Jaroše 8 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Tel: +420 511 188 966


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